BizX Launches Free Online Accounting Software

BizX, an online accounting software provider for businesses and freelancers, announced the launch of its new product called “BizX Essential.” The free version of BizX Essential will allow small business owners to manage their finances and business income/expenses.

BizX Launches Free Online Accounting Software for Small Businesses

BizX is an online accounting software for small businesses. It allows users to manage their finances, track income and expenses, pay bills and run payroll. BizX Essential is a free version of BizX that’s available for small businesses and freelancers.

BizX Essential can help you:

  • Manage your finances with ease;
  • Track income/expenses for each client or customer;
  • Pay bills on time using automatic reminders;
  • Create invoices from anywhere using your phone or tablet (optional);

You can also use this app if you have multiple employees who need access to their own data without sharing an account with everyone else in your company!


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