International Business Cooperation – Do The Olympics Help the Process?

International Business Cooperation - Do The Olympics Help the Process?

No one can deny that this Olympic Games bring nations together, and help humans know that we are not all that different, so we all very much worry about doing healthy, our country, and competition. Recently, some scholars have gotten together and noted the Olympic Games never have stopped humans from having wars, and while that could be true, we do not be sure the number of wars is already prevented due to the mutual benefit and joining together of humans across the planet during these Olympic Games over the years.

Do the Olympic Games help the Economic Development and the Global Economy?

Now then, allow me to ask you a question; “do the Olympic Games also help international business cooperation, free and fair trade, and dealing together to help your economic development and our global economy?” I believe the solution is yes, and I have noted in discussing with my international business acquaintances in regards to the Olympic Games, and I have congratulated them using one of the athletes or teams in winning a gold medal or competing quite handily in Olympic competition. Indeed, I have also noted this issue being raised by them to me.

If whatever else, this becomes an icebreaker, a celebration of humanity and human competition over the planet. We are far better off if we can easily compete in sports competitions instead of in wars. Perhaps this is just what the International Olympic Committee had considered around the turn from the 1900s. In hindsight, and we can mathematically indicate these problems, there happen to be more wars, not fewer, and more people killed in wars at the same time. Of course, we can easily blame this around the Olympic Games, nor should we pretend that the Olympics could stop all human conflict.

Olympic Games Have Helped in Countless Various Ways in Business

Nevertheless, they have helped in countless various ways like; international trade and negotiations, and international business. More deals are made across borders while we can better see the person for the other side of the phone or across an ocean. Therefore, it will be very difficult to debate how the Olympics weren’t beneficial to international business and trade, the evidence is there, and I can confirm that from direct experience and observation, as can some other business owners, and corporate multinational conglomerate executives.

I would claim that is a great thing, and it’s too bad that this Olympics only come around every four years. Perhaps it could be nice if they could come doubly often, that’s another concept altogether. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think about it, let’s unite the planet.

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