How to Make Your Bullet Journal Pop With Vibrant Markers and Highlighters

How to Make Your Bullet Journal Pop With Vibrant Markers and Highlighters

The beauty of the bullet journal method is that it can look however you want. Add doodles, stickers, and more to make your journal your own. Start your bullet journal (BuJo) with an Index page (a list of the pages in the journal with their corresponding numbers). Keep it organized with signifiers and use collections to designate pages for specific topics.


Many people use a bullet journal to track their daily schedule, but it can also be a creative outlet. The journal can be a place to house your big ideas, and it’s a way to track your progress towards your goals. The journal can be as straightforward or as complex as you want. It can have weekly and monthly spreads, habit trackers, and dailies. It can even contain collections and doodles. You’ll need some markers and highlighters to get started with a bullet journal. You’ll also need a notebook with blank or grid pages. Choosing a notebook that will allow you to write with a pen is essential. You can use a traditional lined notebook or dotted or grid notebook, depending on your preference. A plain notebook will work as well. Click here to read more. A ruler is helpful when using a bullet journal. You’ll need it to draw the lines and boxes for your pages. Various pens are also essential, especially ones with different tip sizes. Whether you’re writing, doodling, or taking study notes, having an assortment of colors will make your bullet journal pop. Another great addition to your journal is a tassel bookmark. You can find tutorials on how to make one here. You can add a few perfect summer doodles to your bullet journal, like lemons, umbrellas, or seashells.


The ink you choose for your journal is crucial to a great look. Water-based inks are suitable for bullet journaling because they won’t run if wet, but you can also use markers that are alcohol based if you want to highlight or write more permanently. White gel pens also add details to your doodles and illustrations. Whether using black or color pages, this is an easy way to add a fun pop to your layouts! Another popular addition to any journal is stickers. These can be a great way to add your personal touch, and they come in various colors, patterns, and themes. You can use them as borders, frames, or dividers for different sections. Use washi tape instead of stickers if you want a more minimalist approach. This patterned tape is famous in bullet journaling circles and comes in many widths, colors, and designs. Some are even smudge-resistant and have beautiful patterns that will complement your spreads!

Washi Tape

Washi tape is a popular choice among planners to add colorful designs to their pages. It is also used to make creative page dividers and rulers. The tape can be cut to create different shapes and sizes. It is easy to use and does not leave any residue on the paper or surface it is adhered to. It is also easy to use washi to promote important information on a page. You can use it to create banner flags or highlight a specific time on a calendar day. This is a great way to highlight events and make them stand out on your journal pages. Decorative tapes are also used as page markers to help find specific collections and topics in your journal. You can even use them to mark pages with important dates so you remember to attend a meeting or event. Adding a little washi tape to your paper clips is another excellent way to make them more useful and visually appealing. You can even fold them to create mini flags to mark pages in your journal.


Creating a beautiful bullet journal requires more than just writing and drawing. It also involves adding decorative elements to make your page pop! This could be done with washi tapes, stickers, or printables. The beauty of a bullet journal is that it’s customizable to match your style and needs. Adding these elements will make your spreads look more visually appealing and increase your planner’s usability. However, it’s important to remember that if you could improve at drawing, don’t worry! It will come with practice. Bullet journalers on social media create such stunning content because they have had plenty of practice! If you are a beginner at drawing, try using a set of fine-liner pens. This pen type allows you to write minimal lines and provides an excellent choice for creating boxes and labels for your spreads. Another great option is to use patterned paper to decorate your pages. You can find many of these at your local craft store. The most common designs include floral patterns, polka dots, and geometric shapes. If you are a fashion fan and want to add some semblance of style to your page, consider adding some stickers!

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