Guide to Make Your Home Look Clean and Tidy

Guide to Make Your Home Look Clean and Tidy

When discussing the problem of cleaning the house, our attention will usually be more focused on the room in the house. In fact, the exterior area also needs special attention.

Cleaning the front area of ​​the house is also not just cleaning the terrace floor and mowing the lawn, but also cleaning all the furniture there. Of course, you need to take out the cleaning equipment along with a cloth and a hairy brush to do this task. You can also use the service of pressure washing Douglasville GA to wash and clean your home.

However, this task needs to be done carefully so as not to damage the material or furniture in the yard. And to help you do this task correctly, consider the following tips.

High-Pressure Water Hose

Dirt and dust attached to furniture outside the home can sometimes not be cleaned if only rubbed using a brush. However, the use of high-pressure water released from the hose can damage some materials such as brittle bricks.

So, you should start the clean-up job with the lightest to high water pressure. You may only use this water hose for solid materials such as vinyl or wood.

Cleaning Liquid

Sometimes water alone is not enough to clean stubborn stains attached to fences or yard floors. If mold or mildew is found, use a household cleaning fluid specifically designed to release mold from the surface of the wall. After cleaning it with a sponge or brush, let stand a few moments before rinsing using a water hose.

Keep out of reach of children and pets

There are many types of dirt that appear when you clean the exterior area of ​​the house. Sticky dust and dirt can certainly make sensitive skin itchy and reddish. For this reason, you should keep children and pets out of reach when trying to clean up. You are also advised to use gloves and face masks.

Protect Plants

When cleaning the house with cleaning fluid and bursts of water from the hose, protect the plants from direct contact. Plants can easily wither and get damaged due to being hit by bursts of high-pressure water. Similarly, soils that are in direct contact with chemical-based cleaning fluids.

Easy Steps

Before doing the cleaning, pay close attention to the appearance of the exterior of the house and the dirty parts, especially those infested by ant nests or fungi. Then wet the area with a water hose from the bottom toward the surface of the wall or fence.

Rub or spray cleaning fluid if there is still dirt attached. Finally, after settling for 10 minutes, rinse with the help of the hose from top to bottom.

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